You can access this function in the Expenses page menu. 
Click here to access this section within the Budgeto app

Importation with QuickBooks Online (QBO)

If you are connected to QuickBooks Online (QBO), Budgeto will read expenses and categories in your accounting software and will reuse them into Budgeto automatically

PRO-TIP We recommend reviewing these newly added expense categories to make sure they are labeled correctly with the appropriate associations.

Manually enter new expenses

If your company uses a certain kind of expense that is not already installed into the Budgeto app by default, you can create it from the main Expenses page menu. Follow these instructions to know how:



1- Click on the Expenses menu from the left side menu;

2- Click on the EXPENSE CATEGORIES button near the top right;

3 - Click on the Manage Categories button first (If you need to add a BRAND NEW expense category). This button is located near the top right of the screen;

4- Fill out the following information.

  1. ADD: To add a new EXPENSE CATEGORY.
  2. BACK : Return to the LIST OF EXPENSES menu.
  3. SAVE : Save the new entry.
  4. CATEGORY NAME: Name your new category.
  5. ERASE : To delete an entry.

Once your new category is created, you MUST add new types of expenses in that category.

1- Return to the "Expense Categories" menu;


3- Each time you want to add a new expense, follow these steps (you can use the new expense category you previously created, or you can use a pre-existing expense category):

  1. ADD: To add a new EXPENSE TYPE;
  2. BACK : Return to the LIST OF EXPENSES menu;
  3. SAVE : Save the new entry;
  4. CATEGORY: Select the CATEGORY you want the new expense in;
  5. EXPENSE: Name your new type of expense;
  6. ERASE : To delete an entry.

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