The HISTORICAL DATA menu allows you to enter your past results in BUDGETO:

  • Enter historical Income Statement and Balance sheet;
  • Enter data from past years or for the ongoing year (the first year of your budget);
  • Enter your data monthly or annually;
  • Choose what months to report in your FINANCIAL REPORTS for the ongoing year (the first year of your budget).

That menu allows you to be able to build a budget at any given time during your fiscal year. For example, if your fiscal year is from April till March of each year, you can start a budget in October for the remaining of your ongoing fiscal year:

  • Enter your actual numbers from April to September in the HISTORICAL DATA;
  • Plan your FINANCIAL FORECAST (from the first month following your historical data*)

* Once the HISTORICAL DATA is reported in the FINANCIAL REPORTS, your FINANCIAL FORECAST will only consider data after the last month of your HISTORICAL DATA reported in the FINANCIAL FORECAST.

To use that menu, you need to:

  • Have historical data available;
  • Set an incorporation date (or start of operations date);
  • Understand how the menu works.