The HISTORICAL DATA is the available accounting data of your company. To have this data, you need to have your bookkeeping accurate and up to date. From your bookkeeping, you can get the Income Statement and Balance Sheet you need to use this menu.

Your bookkeeping can be done by yourself or by a subcontractor;

  • an accountant;
  • an accounting technician;
  • a bookkeeper specialist;
  • etc. 

We advise you to hire a bookkeeping specialist to do your bookkeeping.

To do your bookkeeping, you need to use an accounting software. There are several types of software available on the market for you (desktop and online). 

We DO NOT advise you to use spreadsheets to do your bookkeeping. (read this article to know why)

If you need referrals for bookkeepers or bookkeeping software, feel free to ask us.