You need to set an incorporation date (or start of operations date) for BUDGETO to be able to setup the HISTORICAL DATA menu. If you are a new customer of BUDGETO, you already entered that information when creating your account. If you were an early adopter of BUDGETO, you need to indicate your date of incorporation (or start of operations) in the edition menu of your company.

To rapidly access this menu, lookout for this warning in the application and click on the blue button.

If the warning is not there, you can quickly access your company's edition menu. See the following article: How to change the date of incorporation (or start of operation) of a company?

This choice allows you to set up your financial history, i.e. you will be able to enter all your historical income statements and balance sheets (monthly or annually) in the Historical Data menu.

Months prior to this month and year selection will not be available in the app.