There are 5 types of FUNDING in Budgeto

LINE OF CREDITS: The menu "Lines of credit" allows you to create lines of credit, to identify the maximum amount & interest rate and the expected month of activation of each line. (See article, What is a line of credit?)

DEBTS: The menu "Debts" allows you to create debts, to identify the total amount & interest rate of the loan and to manage the repayment schedule. (See article, What is a loan?)

SHARE CAPITAL: The menu "Share capital" allows you to add investors interested in your business project by identifying the amount and expected month of each investment. (See article, What is Share Capital?)

GRANT: The menu "Grants" allows you to build different types of grants available for your employees, expenses or capital assets. (See article, What is a Grant?)


TAX CREDIT: The menu "Tax credits" allows you to choose different tax credit programs that are available for your business. (See article, What is a Tax Credit?)

At your first visit, each of your Funding categories will be empty. For each, you can press on: 

1- ADD: To Add a new Funding item of the selected category. 

To see the details on how to fill each type, press on the following links:

How to add a line of credit?

How to add a debt?

How to add share capital? 

How to add a grant?


How to add a tax credit?