Click here to access the section in Budgeto

Press on the ADD button at the top of the screen to add an entry for a line of credit. 

1- LINE OF CREDIT NAME: This is the name of the line of credit.

2- LENDER NAME: This is the name of the lender.

3- AUTHORISED AMOUNT: This is the maximum amount available for the line of credit.

4- ACTIVATION MONTH: This is the month when the maximum amount of the line of credit start being available. 

5- INTEREST RATE: This is the annual rate charged by the lender for the use of the line of credit.

6- HYPOTHESIS: This space is intended to write useful information about the EMPLOYEE.  This information will be available to all of whom you share your budget with.  Note that when you export your budget, this information will not be available in the PDF and the Excel.  

7- SAVE: To save the entry.

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