Click here to access the section in Budgeto

Press on the ADD button at the top of the screen to add a DEBT

1- LOAN NAME: This is the name of the loan.

2- LENDER NAME: This is the name of the lender. Lenders can be banks, family member, friends or other individual. 

3- TOTAL AMOUNT: This is the total amount borrowed for the loan with the choice of the amortization schedule. you have the choice between: 

Fixed Principal: This is a fixed-rate debt is a debt whose principal is repaid the same every month

Variable Principal:  This is a variable debt is a debt whose capital repaid decreases every month

4- TOTAL MONTH: This is the length of the time from the beginning of the loan until it is paid off. 

5- CASHED IN: This is the month when the total amount from the loan is received by the company. 

6- GRACE PERIOD: This is a grace period, following the month when you received the money, during which you don't have to repay the principal of the loan.  During that period, only interest are payable to the lender. 

7- INTEREST RATE: This is the annual rate charged by the lender for the use of the money. If the interest on the loan fluctuates during the life of the loan, estimate an average interest rate. 

8- HYPOTHESIS: This space is intended to write useful information about the DEBT.  This information will be available to all of whom you share your budget with.  Note that when you export your budget, this information will not be available in the PDF and the Excel.  

9- SAVE: To save the entry.

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