Click here to access the section in Budgeto

Press on the ADD button at the top of the screen to add Share Capital. 

1- INVESTOR: This is the full name of each investor, group of investors or investment fund.

2- TYPE OF SHARE: This is the type of share for each investment.  This is for information purpose only and it has no impact on your budget.  

3- AMOUNT: This is the total amount invested by the investor. 

4- MONTH: This is the month when to total amount from the investor is received by the company. 

5- HYPOTHESIS: This space is intended to write useful information about the SHARE CAPITAL.  This information will be available to all of whom you share your budget with.  Note that when you export your budget, this information will not be available in the PDF and the Excel.  

6- SAVE: To save the entry.

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