Click here to access the section in Budgeto

Press on the ADD button at the top of the screen to add a GRANT

There are 2 kinds of grant: 

1- Not related to expenses

2- Related to expenses


1- GRANT NAME: This is the name of the grant.

2- GRANTER NAME: This is the name of the granter. The granters can be government departments, corporations, foundations or trusts. 

3- MAXIMUM TOTAL AMOUNT: This is the maximum amount of the grant. If there is no limit, a check box will appear (only if you choose related to expenses at step 4)

4- GRANT TYPE: Select Not related to expenses

5- CASHED IN: This is the month when the total amount of the grant is received by the company. 

6- HYPOTHESIS: This space is intended to write useful information about the EMPLOYEE.  This information will be available to all of whom you share your budget with.  Note that when you export your budget, this information will not be available in the PDF and the Excel.  

7- SAVE: To save the entry.


To complete this section, your expense section must be completed. 

8- CHECK BOX: Select which category your grant is related to. You can apply your grant to: 

- Employees

- Expenses

- Capital assets

9- ELIGIBLE %: This is the % eligible to the grant.

10- FROM: This is the first month of eligibility of the employer / expense to the grant: 

11- UNTIL: This is the last month of eligibility of the employer / expense to the grant: 

Don't forget to press on SAVE (STEP 7) to save the entry.