Newsletter sen on February 22nd

Dear customer,

We are informing you that as of March 1, 2019, the subscription plans of Budgeto will be modified and that a new pricing will be put in place. The Startup, Business and Multi plans will be removed and replaced with a basic plan with options that can be added individually.

Why are you modifying your subscription plans?

The primary goal of these changes is to provide more flexibility to our customers. Many of our clients have shown interest in a monthly billing system and additional options to select rather than bundles. You can now opt for monthly or annual billing and choose different packages and options for each of your companies to best meet your needs.

Monthly billing

Since Budgeto’s launch in May 2015, we only offered annual billing. At the time, Budgeto was a tool to prepare budgets on an annual basis, so we had to charge our customers in the same way. During 2018, Budgeto has developed a new feature to keep budgets up to date by manually entering, or importing directly from QuickBooks Online, historical accounting data. Budgeto has evolved into a better financial tool allowing a clear vision of the future liquidity month after month. Therefore, monthly billing has become a must.

Billing by company

Before, a user who wanted to have more than one company on their Budgeto account must use the Multi plan (premium subscription that came with 5 companies). This situation could be problematic for a user who wants two, three, or ten companies. To solve this problem, it will now be possible to add the number of companies you want in your Budgeto account. Simply choose the plan and the desired options for each of your businesses. You build your own subscription package in order to get the best value for your payment!

Single billing

Our new prices will be between $ 25 and $ 45 per month (depending on the options selected). Customers who opt for annual billing will benefit from a discount between 33% and 40% and will be able to benefit from all Budgeto features for less than $1 a day.

To learn more about our new plans and rates, you can read this article in our knowledge base.

What does this mean for my organization?

If, at the time of the change of plans and tarifs, you already have a paid subscription or a subscription sponsored for Budgeto, your account will be automatically converted. Each of your companies will get a package corresponding to your current plan:

  • Subscribers of the Startup plan will be converted to the Basic Plan;
  • Business plan subscribers will be converted to Basic Plan with access to options unlimited scenarios and unlimited collaborators;
  • Subscribers of the Multi plan will have 5 companies that will be converted to the Basic Plan with access to options unlimited scenarios and unlimited collaborators.

Note that Budgeto's Basic plan will now provide 60 months of financial forecasts rather than 36 months currently.

Integration with QuickBooks Online

The possibility of integrating with QuickBooks Online has been offered free of charge to all our customers since it was first set up on September 20, 2018. The update of our plans seems to be a good time to associate a price with this feature. Once new plans are in place, accounting system integration will be available at a cost of $ 10 per month ($ 90 per year if you are billed annually).

Automatic Renewal

When converting your account, the auto-renew feature will be intentionally disabled. This decision will let you know our new rates, evaluate the options you want to add and / or disable and offer you the option to switch to monthly billing mode when your current subscription expires.

We are excited to launch this new billing system that will meet the needs of many of our users! We sincerely hope that these changes will allow you to better take advantage of Budgeto's different functionalities and help you with the financial management of your businesses.