If you cannot see any of the Historical Data menus and/or cannot enter data in the Historical Data Menu in addition to other sub-menus (Sales, Expenses, etc.), then there is a problem with the months selected for your historical data information.

These problems may look like the following:

"Historical Data menus not showing. Space is empty
Ex: Historical Balance Sheet, Historical Profit and Loss, etc."

"Cannot access certain months in other menus (blocked out in gray)
 Ex: Sales, Expenses, etc."

These problems occur because the First month of your Historical Data is equal or higher to the actual calendar month, therefore you cannot enter your historical data information.

This is because in order to enter Historical Data, your First month of your Historical Data must be in the PAST, since historical data occurs in the PAST, not the present or future.

You can solve this issue in two menus: Company Settings, and the Historical Dashboard


  1. Access the Company Settings in the top right menu (under the gear icon)

  2. Modify the First month of your historical data to the proper date

  3. Click on the SAVE button next to "Edit a company" near the top


  1. Access the Historical Dashboard in the top right menu (under the Historical Data icon)

  2. Navigate to the bottom of the Historical Dashboard to "Company settings". Here, you can Modify the First month of your historical data to the proper date.

  3. Click on the SAVE button next to "Historical Dashboard" near the top

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