Are you an advisor who is authorizing user activation requests? If so, please refer to this article, which is more appropriate to your needs:

- How to process an inquiry for a Budgeto sponsored license

For this procedure, you must be connected to Budgeto.

Have you opened your Account yet?

If you haven't opened your Budgeto account, get started now!

  1. Click on the account creation link provided to you in your documentation.
  2. Click here to begin creating your Budgeto account!

You can also click on the "Sign up here" button on the login page.
For more information on how to open your account, we have the following article from our Knowledge Base that can help you: How to create an account

To request an activation, follow the steps below:


1- Start by opening the CONFIGURATION MENU by pressing on the configuration button in the top right, and then press on "Activation Request"

2- In the pop-up window you must: 

A) Enter your activation code or the email address 
provided by your advisor in the Code Field.

B) Press on submit.

3- Your adviser will receive an email with the activation request. You will then receive a confirmation email once you adviser authorizes/declines the activation request.

4- Know that you can continue working on your budget if your trial period is still valid

Ready to start? 

Once your account is created, get started with this article from our Knowledge Base that explains how to start building your budget, all with easy-to-follow instructions, videos, and more!

I'm new to Budgeto, where to start?

Become a Budgeto Expert by exploring our Knowledge Base if you have a question or want to learn something new about Budgeto (over 100 articles with detailed explanations, screenshots, and examples).

Also, check out our Multimedia Gallery, a digital hub for all media-related content concerning Budgeto and other related topics. Videos, webinars, podcasts, and more can be found here. Give them a look!

Need help? These resources are for you!

1- There is a search bar at the top right of the screen, use it often! Use words that you see on the section you are dealing with in order to search for related articles in our Knowledge Base. 

2- If you haven't found an answer to your question, create a support ticket and our team will find an answer for you:

Click here to create a new ticket for help

3- If you have any other questions about Budgeto, write us an email at:

Happy Budgeting and know that we are here for you if you need help! 

The Budgeto Team

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