Upcoming Product Features

Improved QuickBooks Online (QBO) Integration

We are working hard on making the QBO synchronization process even more intuitive. We want to ensure the amount of errors in the synchronization process are minimal, and that the integration is performed as smooth as possible. Additionally, we will hopefully launch a new feature that allows our users to fill Budgeto's forms directly from their existing Historical Data (which is not the case at the moment).

Xero Accounting Software Integration
Similar to our already in place QuickBooks Online integration, you will soon be able to synchronize your Budgeto account with Xero, one of the leading online accounting software! This integration opens the door to many more opportunities for our users who may use other online accounting software's. 
We are excited to soon be able to offer this functionality to all our Budgeto users!

Redesign of the forms


We will redo this module to:

  • Be able to change sales price in time;
  • Be able to change cost of sales in time;
  • Be able to apply an annual inflation to sales of previous years;
  • Apply a % per month of an annual sales objective.


We will redo this module to allow:

  • Automatic re-order of inventory;
  • Automatic consumption of inventory with a minimum re-order level;
  • Multiple payment terms (% # months before or after a transaction).


We will redo this module to allow:

  • Automatic investment and/or expense trigger when hiring a new employee;   


We will develop tags that can be used in each form to allocate a transaction to a tag. These tags can be projects, sales representatives, sites, etc. A new reporting menu will allow you to see all transactions linked to one or more specific tags. 


Reports - Quarterly View

As of now, Budgeto offers the ability to view your financial projection reports (Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet) either monthly, or yearly. However, we are working on implementing a new feature that will allow users to have access to a quarterly view in addition to monthly and yearly. 


New functionality allowing to split an expense between different departments.

New Functionality for Tracking Variable Costs

Currently, Budgeto does not have a method for tracking variable cost. Currently, variable costs are added as fixed elements that cannot be changed in the cost of sales:

  • These lines must always be displayed by default;
  • The customer can continue to add modifiable lines as they please, which will all go into a line in the Profit and Lost Statement, called "Other variable costs" (as is currently the case in sales).

Our technical team is working on improving the functionality of variable costs by including options as: Labor, Raw Material, Shipping and Logistics, etc.


Redesign of the Profit and Loss Statement

As seen above with "Variable Costs", this new functionality will come with a new presentation of the financial information in the Income Statement. We will add “Production costs” between the “Variable contribution margin” and the “Fixed costs”, allowing us to present a new “Gross margin”.


New upcoming feature allowing the ability to apply a currency and a specific exchange rate in a form. This way, users will be able to apply different currency types in various forms without changing the main currency used for the company. For example, a company is located in Canada, but sells products in Mexico and has to use pesos as the currency type implemented.

Enhanced Graphs/Exportation of the graphs

Our team is currently working on additional/enhanced graphs that we can implement into the Budgeto app. Users have asked for the ability to print graphs, we have listened to your requests and have started working on launching this in a future update of the system! As a current workaround, users can screenshot their graphs and export them as either a PDF, JPEG, etc.
Check out this article from our Knowledge Base to learn how! 

General product improvements recently implemented

New "Analysis" Feature (Real vs. Budget)

With multiple scenarios built from your main budget + historical data, you are now able to use our new comparison (Analysis) functionCompare your worst case and best case scenarios, or compare your budget to your actual results and see the difference with your numbers!
This module will allow our users to document and provide an explanation for important differences, to prepare management reports for your different partners, etc.

Click here to access the Analysis module within the Budgeto app


New contextual help "?" icons 

We have implemented and modified all help icons "?" in the Budgeto app.
These new help icons contain more in-depth knowledge concerning what section of the app you are using, and the necessary information that will need to be added. In addition to this, when needed, we have also included links to detailed articles that have even more information concerning which part of the Budgeto app our users need additional support in. 
These redesigned contextual help "?" icons can be found all throughout the app, but the major ones are located at the top of each section, to the right of the page title. Give them a look!

Redesigned Knowledge Base (KB) articles

Our team has went through and redesigned ALL of our 100+ Knowledge Base (KB) articles (in English and French) on Budgeto's support website. These new and improved articles contain not only new and helpful information, but additional screenshots, training videos, and numerous examples. Our goal with these redesigned information-oriented articles is to give our users the power to learn and use Budgeto all on their own! Give a quick look at some of the now superior articles:

Take some time and explore our Knowledge Base in its totality. You might just learn something new! Click here to access the Knowledge Base website

Improved Historical Balance Sheet Forms 

Our team has noticed that some of our users felt confused when working in their historical balance sheet. Notably, the four forms that need to be filled out with the appropriate information (capital assets, investments, debts, and share capital). Before, users could experience "errors" in their balance sheet and was unsure on how to fix them. Our technical team has worked on improving these forms by helping our users understand where these errors are located if they experience a red cell warningWhen completing these forms, users can now see their $ totals at the bottom of the forms, the date, and the difference between the amount entered in the balance sheet and what's entered in the forms.

New Sales-Growth Feature (non cumulative) 

As requested by our users, we have implemented a new feature when adding a product/service using the growth method. Budgeto users can now choose "per month (non cumulative)" as their frequency option. This new option will allow you to modify the sales planning where you can include a % growth per month, without experiencing recurring clients every single month. An excellent option for those who wish to sell products to a one-time customer as a one-time sale. 


New feature allowing to apply an inflation rate per year (in $ or % with a starting month) that will automatically adjust the values in the 60-month grid.

Multiple payment terms       

New feature allowing the user to create its own custom payment terms. User will be able to allocate a % # months before or after a transaction.

Ending month

New feature allowing to apply an ending month to a sale or an expense.

Editable sales tax

New feature allowing to manually overwrite the default sales tax rate in a form.

Graphics in the forms

We have added graphics in the forms to better visualize the impact of your decisions and assumptions.


  • Salary calculator (based on salary per year, month, week or hour)

Capital Assets

We improved this module to be able to plan capital assets in a grid of 60 months instead of a single amount per month (like the expense menu).

Share Capital

We improved this module to be able to plan the investments of the shareholders in a grid of 60 months instead of a single amount per month.

Need help? These resources are for you!

1- There is a search bar at the top right of the screen, use it often! Use words that you see on the section you are dealing with in order to search for related articles in our Knowledge Base. 

2- If you haven't found an answer to your question, create a support ticket and our team will find an answer for you:

Click here to create a new ticket for help

3- If you have any other questions about Budgeto, write us an email at: support@budgeto.com

Happy Budgeting and know that we are here for you if you need help! 

The Budgeto Team

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