Depreciation (amortization) refers to the decrease in value of assets such as; vehicles, equipment, property, etc. 

Budgeto automatically calculates all depreciation using the straight-line method and has a variety of depreciation rates built into the software. The depreciation rates that Budgeto uses are the most commonly used depreciation rates in the world of business.

However, you can always modify the depreciation rates or categories used to best match your company's needs. 

To modify the rates or categories used, follow these instructions:

STEP 1. Click on the Investment tab on the left side of your screen and then select "Capital Assets"

STEP 2: Click on the "Capital assets categories" button 

STEP 3: You are now in the depreciation menu. You can modify the depreciation category used to be either "Straight Line" or "Declining". You can also modify the depreciation rate by changing the numbers underneath the "Rate" column to the right of the screen

STEP 4: Click on SAVE