Start by opening MY ACCOUNT menu and press on "user profile"

How to change my country

Once in the user profile menu, Select Country from the drop-down list and save your choice.

When you change countries, the Income taxes, Sales tax, and Employer contribution tables automatically update to reflect the tax regulations of the selected country.

How to change my province/state

Select a Province/State from the drop-down list and save your choice.

INTERNATIONAL - What to do if my country is not listed?

BUDGETO offers a list of pre-configured countries to choose from when setting up your company. However, it is possible that your country is not listed in the drop-down menu. 

First, click on COMPANY SETTINGS under the "settings" menu.

To set up your country, you need to select "otherin the drop-down menu.

The next step is to manually configure your Income taxes, Sales taxes and Employer contribution. By default, the tool uses global averages that may not be suitable for your country's tax regulations.

Remember to click on the "SAVE" Icon next to "Edit a company" when finished configuring your country.

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