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When setting up your company, Budgeto asks in which country your business is located. This is because Budgeto has a pre-configured list of taxation rules and rates for 10+ countries. If your country is not on this pre-configured list you will have to set up your employer contribution/social charge rules manually. By default, the tool uses global averages that may not be suitable for your country's tax regulations.

To change the employer contribution rate for your company, follow these steps: 

1- Start by opening the CONFIGURATION MENU by pressing on the gear icon on the top right, and then select "Company Settings" to open your company configurations.

2-  Once in the edit menu, you can access the employer contribution menu by clicking the "Employer contribution" button at the top right. 

3- A new window will open in which you can modify your employer contribution rate.

4- By default, the tax rate for Employer contribution is automatically set to comply with the tax regulations of the country of your company. We do not advise you to change them. 

If your country was not included in the pre-configured list of countries, you should manually set up your tax rate for Employer contribution. By default, the tool uses global averages that may not be suitable for your country's tax regulations.

5- Remember to click on the "SAVE" button in both the pop-up window and next to the "Edit a company" to save your changes.

How to input different individual's payroll tax percentage

You can always change an individual's payroll tax percentage by changing the (%) in the "Wage costs" bar when you modify/enter an employee. This will help the (%) from staying the same for all employees.

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