Link your QuickBooks Online account (QBO).

Your historical financial information can be imported automatically from your QuickBooks Online account. To do so, please refer to the next section (HOW TO LINK QUICKBOOKS ONLINE TO BUDGETO?)


Your historical financial information can be entered manually in two different reports in Budgeto:

1- Enter your historical results in the “Historical Profit and Loss” menu;

2- Enter your historical balance sheet in the “Historical Balance Sheet” menu.

By using the quick book integration

To link QuickBooks Online to Budgeto, follow these five easy steps:

1- Click the Synchronize and Import menu;

2- Choose a Starting Month. By default, your starting month is the first month of your fiscal year and can not be change. You can import as many years of historical data as you want. Just remember that when you do, it erases what was previously recorded in Budgeto;

3- Choose an Ending Month. You can import up till the last completed calendar year in Budgeto. For example, if we are in October 2018, the last completed month is September 2018. The system will import your historical financial data up to September 2018;

4- Hit the synchronize button;

5- Read and accept the conditions by clicking I understand!