BUDGETO is the first easy-to-use, affordable and reliable online budgeting tool designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Thanks to its fully automated interface, BUDGETO makes it possible to prepare, share, and work multi-scenario business budgets without any accounting knowledge.

BUDGETO has a clear mission: to promote and encourage entrepreneurship by developing and bringing to market innovative financial and accounting tools.

Before contacting us, we suggest that you look at a variety of tools and tips we offer that can help answer some of your questions:

  • Introduction video (1:30). This introduction video briefly explains what Budgeto is and what it does: Budgeto Introduction Video

  • Knowledge Base. Our Knowledge Base website contains over 140 unique articles that explain a variety of functions that Budgeto offers. You will most likely find the answer to your question(s) using the Knowledge Base. Each article contains easy to understand instructions with pictures and graphics. Take a look here: Knowledge Base 

  • “I’m new to Budgeto, where to start?” Article. This article is the first one you will see on our Knowledge Base website. It is the best one to start with as it explains in detail what you as a user should do first. Take a look here: New to Budgeto Article 

  • Facebook. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook as this is where we post information/news about new updates coming to the system, helpful information, tips and tricks, and more. Like us here: Follow us on Facebook

If you still haven’t found your answer, no worries! You can always send us an email with your questions to support@budgeto.com, one of our experts will analyze your question when they are available and will get back to you soon. Please note that our office hours are 9h to 5h pm Eastern Standard time and that we are closed on weekends.

Thank you for using Budgeto!

Happy budgeting!