In order to pay for a license, you need to OWN the company, not "share" the company. Review that you are indeed the OWNER of the company first before purchasing a license.  

IMPORTANT Budgeto subscriptions are PER COMPANY. This is because each company needs its own entity, and therefore, has their own separate setup (opening balance, equity, debts etc..). Please note that each company could have either a monthly or an annual licence.

If your Budgeto account has more than 1 company, you will have to select a plan (with the options) for each and everyone of them

To do so, access your company list and select the one you need to attribute a plan to. 

Once in the company, press on the upgrade button on the top of the page. 

This will bring you to the subscription page. 

  1. Select if this company is billed annually on yearly (1).  
  2. Add options to this budget (2).
  3. Press on upgrade and validate on the checkout page (3)

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