Budgeto is completely cloud based! Meaning that all you need to access the app is a basic internet connection, a computer (PC or MAC), and a Budgeto account.
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We recommend using the following to ensure you can achieve the best possible performance with the Budgeto app:

  • An up to date Internet browser (ex: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.). The reason we ask for an up to date browser is because some essential pop-ups may not display if the version of your browser is out-of-date. 
  • An updated version of JavaScript.
  • For PC users, we recommend using a version Windows 8 or newer.
  • For MAC users, we recommend using a version of IOS 10.6.8 (Mac OS X Snow Leopard) or newer.
  • An internet speed equivalent or superior to 1Mb/s (This will allow quicker exportation of reports, and faster synchronization with a supported online accounting system).

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