In order to duplicate an existing budget, you need to OWN the company (or have the proper manage rights), not "share" the company (or have the proper manage rights). 

Review that you are indeed the OWNER of the company first before duplicating an existing budget 

First Step! Check to see if your Budgeto subscription includes the "Unlimited Scenarios" option.

Click here to consult your subscription plan directly within the Budgeto app

Or, Start by opening the "CONFIGURATION MENU" by pressing on the configuration button in the top right, then select the "Subscription plan" button to consult your current subscription.

On the Subscription Plan page you will see all the details of you present subscription, including unlimited scenarios options. Make sure that you are subscribed to this option. 

If not: Then you will have to upgrade your subscription to include this option before continuing. Consult the following articles from our Knowledge Base that explains how to do this with screenshots and easy to follow instructions:

- How to upgrade my subscription?
- Budgeto's Plans and Prices 

NOTE If you have the unlimited scenarios option in your subscription plan, you can create as many budget scenarios as you want. When you duplicate a budget, we copy-paste all the information and re-create a new budget which is an exact copy of the budget you were working on. Any changes to this new budget will not affect the original budget from which you made a copy. The only changes that affect all of your scenarios are the business settings and historical data (the past cannot be different from one budget to another - the past is the past!)


1- You can create an exact copy of a budget by pressing the Duplicate/Copy button in the TOP MENU.

2- Enter the new name of the new budget scenario and press Submit.

Need help? These resources are for you!

1- There is a search bar at the top right of the screen, use it often!


Use words that you see on the section you are dealing with in order to search for related articles in our Knowledge Base. 

2- If you haven't found an answer to your question, create a support ticket and our team will find an answer for you:

Click here to create a new ticket for help

3- If you have any other questions about Budgeto, write us an email at:

Happy Budgeting and know that we are here for you if you need help! 

The Budgeto Team

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