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- How to EXPORT a budget (PDF/Excel)

On a business plan, assumptions are the base rates, pricing, and items associated with factors in the report. They offer a more detailed set of information of what's to come in your reports. They include information on income, expense assumptions, inventory, and more.

Assumptions on a business plan can be in the format of: 

  • Comments;
  • Hypothesis;
  • Legend;
  • Table of contents (TOC);
  • Etc. 

As of now, the ability to directly add assumptions in your exported reports (PDF/Excel) is not supported in Budgeto. We hope this functionality, as well as many others, are added in our future updates. At this stage we are managing a list of priorities.
You could consult our Roadmap article in order to see what is in the works. 

However, Budgeto does offer a few workarounds in order to successfully add your assumptions in your business plan and exported financial projections. 

Option 1:

You can include a printed list of your sales or expenses that will show all your:

  • Products;
  • Items;
  • Price;
  • Payment terms;
  • Etc.

1- To do this, Click on your Sales or Expenses menu. 

2- Then click on the printer icon found on the top-right of your screen.

3- Change the printer destination to "Save as PDF".

4- Change the page layout from Portrait to Landscape for a better view of your lists.

5- Click on "More Settings" and make any other printing adjustments that best suits your needs (paper size, margins, pages per sheet, etc.).

6- Once done, click on "Save" and save your PDF file in a location that you can easily find and with a document name that you will remember.

Example: Budgeto_Reports_2022_CurrentDate.

Option 2:

You can build your assumptions, legend, table of contents, etc. In a Microsoft Word Doc.

Once you have your assumptions document finished, export the documents as a PDF

1- Click on "File" in the top-left screen.

2- Click on "Export" on the left-side menu.

3- Click on "Create PDF/XPS"

4- Save your PDF file in a location that you can easily find and with a document name that you will remember.

Example: Budgeto_Reports_2022_CurrentDate.

Bonus option: 

Once you have your exported report and assumptions (either printed from Budgeto or built manually) we recommend using this online tool* to merge your PDFs with your Budgeto exported reports. 

PDF Merging tool:

*Budgeto is in no way associated with the above website. It is simply a recommended tool and users should use caution when navigating any website they are unfamiliar with. 

This way, you will be able to create one master report with everything included (your cash flow, income statement, profit and loss, financial ratios, assumptions, and more)! 

Get ready to wow your investors, partners, and more with professional looking reports and start getting your funding today!

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Happy Budgeting and know that we are here for you if you need help! 

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