Start by opening the CONFIGURATION MENU by pressing on the configuration button in the top right.

Then select COMPANY SETTINGS to open your company configurations.


Once in the edit menu, you can access the employer contribution menu by clicking the Employer contribution button at the top right.

A new window will open in which you can modify your employer contribution rate.

By default, the tax rate for Employer contribution is automatically set to comply with the tax regulations of the country of your company. However, the employer contribution rate of a company can vary greatly from company to company. We therefore advise you to be well informed and to change the rate of employer contribution so that it corresponds to that of your company.

If your country was not included in the drop-down choice of countries and you chose "Other" as your country, you should manually set up your Employer contribution. By default, the tool uses global averages that may not be suitable for your country's tax regulations.