IMPORTANT: It is not possible to share a budget without sharing a company. If you share a company with a user, they will have access to all the budget scenarios of the company.

For example, you can not share a budget with another user, but deny them access to the SALES section.

You can quickly share a budget by clicking the Share button in the TOP MENU.

There are three levels of permission for sharing:

  • Read: The user can see everything but can not edit anything;
  • Write: The user can modify everything;
  • Manage: The user can create scenarios and share the company with other users (if the options are available in the subscription plan of the user who owns the company).

Once in the sharing menu, you can share a company by doing the following:

  • Enter the email address of the user with whom you wish to share a company (1);
  • Choose a permission level (Read, Write, Manage(2);
  • Save your choices (3).

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