IMPORTANT: It is not possible to share a budget without sharing a company. If you share a company with a user, they will have access to all the budget scenarios of the company.

For example, you can not share a budget with another user, but deny them access to the SALES section.

To change the sharing permission of a user, following the steps below:

1- Access the sharing options of a company by clicking the "Share" button at the top right.

REMINDER There are three levels of permission for sharing:

  • Read: The user can see everything but can not edit anything;
  • Write: The user can modify everything;
  • Manage: The user can create scenarios and share the company with other users (if the options are available in the subscription plan of the user who owns the company).

2- To change the sharing permission: 

  1. Select a new permission on the drop down menu next to the email address you want to change (1).
  2. Press save (2).  

  • Want to revoke/remove access of a shared company? If you shared your company with another email/user and now wish to remove their access to your budget, then consult the following article from our Knowledge Base:
    How to revoke access (sharing) of a company?
  • Want to share your budget? Start sharing your budget with your co-workers, investors, accountants, etc. and start collaborating today! Get started by reading this article from our Knowledge Base:
    How to SHARE a budget?

Need help? These resources are for you!

1- There is a search bar at the top right of the screen, use it often!


Use words that you see on the section you are dealing with in order to search for related articles in our Knowledge Base. 

2- If you haven't found an answer to your question, create a support ticket and our team will find an answer for you:

Click here to create a new ticket for help

3- If you have any other questions about Budgeto, write us an email at:

Happy Budgeting and know that we are here for you if you need help! 

The Budgeto Team

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