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1- When creating a Budgeto account, we'll need your email address (twice to avoid errors) and you'll have to create a password (PWD) that requieres the 5 following industry standard requirements:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one symbol (" or ! or ? or &, etc.)

Example: Budgeting123!!

2- Once all fields are filled out correctly, the "Create account" button should now be green:

If it is not green, it means that one requirement or more is not satisfied. Check the ones with no green check mark next to it and that are highlighted red (in this example, the password is missing at least one symbol): 

3- You then have to choose from the following options: 

  • (OPTION 1) Startups are brand new and have no historical data.
  • (OPTION 2) Existing Businesses have past historical data in the form of accounting information.
  • (OPTION 3) Guest is for if someone has invited you to access their company. This will skip the business creation step of the account creation process. Simply click on the company name of the business shared with you in the list of "Companies shared with me". 
    (You need to use the same email address for your account creation as the one that was used for the shared company

3b(Option 2 continued) Do you have an existing company in a QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Xero account? 

  • You can finish creating your account by syncing with QuickBooks Online by selecting the QuickBooks Online icon. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account via the Intuit login page and follow the instructions on screen. For more information on the linking process, please consult the following article from our Knowledge Base: 
    How to LINK QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Budgeto?

  • Xero Users Wanted!!

    We are in final stage of completing a budgeting and forecasting app for Xero

    Are you interested to be included in our soft launch? If you are, send us an email at with subject line "Xero Beta Tester". We would be glad to show you what we got!

  • If you do not use QuickBooks Online or Xero, select the "Other/None" circle to the right and continue as directed below.
    (Steps 5, 6)


4- You will now have to set up your company

  • Name of your business.
  • Last month of your fiscal year.
  • First fiscal year of your budget
    (If you are a start-up, the current year is the first fiscal year of your budget).
  • County/location for taxation rules (income tax, sales tax, employer contribution, etc.).
  • Currency your company uses (CAD, USD, GBP, etc.).

5- That's it! You can now click on the "FINISH" button to create your Budgeto account and start your budgeting experience!

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  • Once your account is created, get started with this article from our Knowledge Base that explains how to start building your budget, all with easy-to-follow instructions, videos, and more!
    I'm new to Budgeto, where to start?
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