To export your budget to Excel, start by pressing on the Export button on the left-side of the screen.

Once in the export menu, you must choose:

  • The reports you want to export (choose "Do not display" in the drop down menu to remove certain reports).
  • The level of detail to for each report (months or years).
  • The number of years (Start date-End date).
  • The desired export format (Excel).

Then, click on the "Download Excel" button near the button of your screen.

NOTE When you export your budget as an Excel file, you are pulling just the numbers. This means that there are no formulas or equations in your Excel spread sheet, simply the numbers from Budgeto. 

Want to analyze and compare your numbers in Excel? We have developed an Excel template for a quick and easy monthly analysis! See file attached at the bottom of this article: 

This is a temporary solution since we are developing a RvB comparison module that will launch soon! Want to know more? Check out our Roadmap of upcoming product features!

Using automatic synchronization (import from an online accounting software), or by manually entering your Historical Data, you are able to import your monthly actual results into Budgeto, adjust your budget for the current year (up to 5 years), export your adjusted budget in Excel and compare your actual vs. budget in a few minutes every month!  Please note that this template needs to be customized to your own settings. Advance Excel skills are needed.

"There is an error with my Excel exportation!"

An error can occur with certain computers (depending on the settings within the Excel application found on the computer). When you have a green corner in a given cell (top left), it means that there is an error. Select the problematic cells (all of them), then click on the yellow warning button (!) and then click on "Convert to Number". The issue should be resolved.

If you are still seeing errors with your number formatting, you can consult this support page from Microsoft  
Convert numbers stored as text to numbers
Additionally, you could consult the following article from Ablebits:
How to convert text to numbers in Excel

Need help? These resources are for you!

1- There is a search bar at the top right of the screen, use it often!


Use words that you see on the section you are dealing with in order to search for related articles in our Knowledge Base. 

2- If you haven't found an answer to your question, create a support ticket and our team will find an answer for you:

Click here to create a new ticket for help

3- If you have any other questions about Budgeto, write us an email at:

Happy Budgeting and know that we are here for you if you need help! 

The Budgeto Team

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