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IMPORTANT Each “company" must have its own separate Budgeto license (paid monthly and/or annually) and you could even choose to have a group or individual bill for each company. This is because each company needs its own entity, and therefore, has their own separate setup (opening balance, equity, debts etc..).

1- You can add a new company to your existing account two ways:

A) Click on the "Add new company" icon in the TOP MENU.

You can also do it by following this link:
Add a new company within the Budgeto app

B) You can also quickly access your list of companies by clicking the arrow next to the company name, then press on the Company List icon. 

Then press on + ADD to create a new company: 

2- Next, you need to fill out the "Add a company" form.

3- Finally, remember to press on SAVE once you are done.

What can you do next? Don't forget to share the budget! You can share and work on your budget with your partners, accountants, employees, and more. Simply share your budget and start collaborating right now. For more information, consult the following article:

How to SHARE a budget/company

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