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Before you read further, check out our Welcome to Budgeto | DEMO video (15 min), which explains what Budgeto is all about.

Become a Budgeto expert by watching the other training videos available! These training videos can be found in our Multimedia Gallery (Be sure to check back often, as more training videos are in the works!).

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Our customers benefit from a 14-day free trial*, giving access to all the features available in Budgeto. Our web application makes it much faster and easier to build a business financial plan, including:

  • Profit & Loss Statement Forecast
  • Balance Sheet Forecast
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Financial Ratios
  • And More...

Budgeto allows you to make multiple scenarios*, collaborate with your team, share with investors and export to PDF or Excel.

  • Create monthly & annual business budgets
  • Adjust your monthly projections with actual results
  • Manage your monthly cash flow
  • Raise financing to fuel your growth

*If you create multiple scenarios (budgets) in your trial, you will need to:

    A) Subscribe to the multi-scenario option when you upgrade (to keep all budgets created).

    B) Delete all scenarios (budgets) created EXCEPT the scenario you wish to keep. 

Budgeto performs operations that are extremely hard to do with Excel:

  • Automatically performs all the calculations (taxes, interests, ratios, etc.)
  • Beautiful graphs to visualize your financial data
  • QuickBooks Online Integration to update your actual numbers
  • Export investors ready financial projections (PDF & XLS)

The Free 14-day trial includes the full power of Budgeto, with these two exceptions:

  1. You cannot export a budget to Excel during the free trial period;
  2. You can export a budget to PDF. However, there will be a free trial watermark. 

Once your trial is complete, you will need to choose a paid monthly or yearly subscription plan. 

  • If you are currently logged in to the Budgeto app, you can access the subscription plans here: Subscription plan
  • If you are not connected to Budgeto, here is an article that provides details on Budgeto's plans and prices: Budgeto plan and prices 

Only one free 14 day trial per user. You cannot have multiple free trials*.

IMPORTANT Each “company" must have its own separate Budgeto license (paid monthly and/or annually). Additionally, you could even choose to have a group or individual bill for each company. This is because each company needs its own entity, and therefore, has their own separate setup (opening balance, equity, debts etc..). Please note that each company could have either a monthly or an annual licence. 

You can add a new company to your existing account by accessing the “Settings" menu at the top right of the app (beside the “help” icon on its left).
You can also do it by following this link: Add a new company within the Budgeto app

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For more information on how to open your account, we have the following article from our Knowledge Base that can help you: How to create an account

WHAT'S NEXT? Now it's time to start building your budget! Follow the link below to learn more about how to get started:
- I'm new to Budgeto, where to start?

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