BEFORE YOU START entering your debt into your past, make sure that your balance sheet is entered correctly in the form.

The amount appearing on the Total Assets line must be equal to the amount on the Total Liabilities and Equity line. If these amounts are different, you'll see the difference on the Validation line. The cell containing the difference will be in red. To ensure that your historical data is entered properly, your balance sheet must absolutely balance, otherwise the budget will contain errors.

How can I enter my historical data?

You can import HISTORICAL DATA into Budgeto three ways;
1- Syncing with QuickBooks Online (QBO),

    How to link QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Budgeto?

2- Syncing with Xero,

    How to LINK Xero to Budgeto? 

3- Manually entering your company's historical information yourself.

    How to enter your HISTORICAL DATA Manually 

Here are the steps to enter and use a debt in your historical data:

  1. Click on the "Historical" menu on the left-side screen and then click on the sub-menu "Historical Balance Sheet";
  2. You must create a debt form by clicking on the blue hyperlink "Long-term debt";
  3. The total debt entered in the forms must be identical to the amount entered on the Long-term debt line in the balance sheet;


  4. You must click the gray box above the month of the last historical balance sheet;
  5. Remember to click on SAVE;
  6. To view your financial reports, you will also need to click the gray box for the same month in the Historical Profit and Loss and make sure your Retained Earnings in this report is the same as in the Historical Balance Sheet.
    Click here to access your Historical Profit and Loss statement directly within the Budgeto app.

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2- If you haven't found an answer to your question, create a support ticket and our team will find an answer for you:

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