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Budgeto Introduction (1 min) Before you start your budgeting adventure, we strongly recommend that you check out our introduction video. This short video briefly explains what Budgeto is all about. It will help you get a good grasp on the Budgeto tool and can help start you on your journey of becoming a Budgeto expert!

Why You Need Budgeto (1 min)


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Budgeto Training Videos: 

Want to become a Budgeto expert in just a few minutes? Check out our training videos! These training videos will give you the quick run-down on everything you need to know to get started! Be sure to check back often, as more training videos are in the works!

1- Welcome to Budgeto | DEMO (15 min)

2- How to enter a sales product/service (3 min)


3- How to enter expenses (3 min) 

4- How to enter employees (2 min)


5- Connecting with QuickBooks Online (QBO) (2 min)

6- Connecting with Xero (2 min)


7- How to Share a Company/Budget (2 min)


8- How to export/print a budget (PDF/EXCEL) (2 min)


9- Reports and Graphs (2 min)


Finally, a Budgeting Tool Built for Entrepreneurs w/Marc Alloul

(20 min) 
This audio podcast features Marc Alloul, Budgeto CEO and co-founder. In a nutshell, Budgeto is a budgeting software program developed for entrepreneurs to get a budget up and running with just a few clicks. Currently, over 60,000 budgets are on the platform.

This episode explores Budgeto’s features, why it was started, and who’s using the platform.

Listen to the podcast now!

Assainir les finances de son organisation AVANT d'entreprendre un nouveau projet

(25 min, French)
This audio interview, with Marc Alloul and Rita Baker, discusses the current Covid-19 pandemic on businesses and the project "Pivot-19: Creating an alternative business model during the pandemic".

Listen to this interview here!

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